The official website of design footwear manufacturer Frontier Inc.
We are Japanese manufacturer that develops slippers and sandals with the concept of "color your life".
craftmanship, handmade by craftsperson, craftworker・Indoor slippers “room’s” 
We make products with a focus on simplicity and functionality and have won many design awards. Frontier Inc.

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room's PLUS

The sandals from slippers, called “rooms focused on walking, appear on our display now. Comfortable to walk and being resistant to stumble with raised toes. By wearing them, you can have comfortable time without tightening your feet. These sandals have comfort like slippers.


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room's SHUSHU

The slippers focused on "walking"

Soft and comfortable to wear with its simple appearance. Putting emphasis on walking indoors, they are well manufactured.

Same as making room's, each pair of slippers is well manufactured using lasts.
Using the shoe manufacturing method, they achieved comfortable to wear with the solid shape, so you can smoothly put on and take off.
These are slippers with floral embroidery

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