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bi×sole HOON

Anytime and anywhere

The inside is made ofa soft boa material from heel to toe, and has good surrounding your feet in luxurious warm comfort. please use it for walking, camping, going out in winter.

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The official website of design footwear manufacturer Frontier Inc.
We are Japanese manufacturer that develops slippers and sandals with the concept of "color your life".
craftmanship, handmade by craftsperson, craftworker・Indoor slippers “room’s” 
We make products with a focus on simplicity and functionality and have won many design awards. Frontier Inc.

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room's Sheep

The Fuzzy Fluffy House Slippers. Cozy Slippers. Slip-On-Slippers. Comfy Soft House Slippers. 
Of course, each pair of these sandals are also well manufactured using the last used for making shoes. The fastidious manufacturing method provides comfortableness for wearing.

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room's MOCO

These are the same as room's, putting emphasis on walking indoors, they are well manufactured.
As the shoe manufacturing method is used, they have the solid shape and you can smoothly put on and take off.

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Simple and functional sandals to match the city life.
You can choose your preferable sole from two types and use them in various situations.

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bi×sole ASOBi

The material water resistant and lightweight makes them the perfect partner for your daily life; gardening, camping, like slipper, - it's up to you. 

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room's PLUS

The sandals from slippers, called “rooms focused on walking, appear on our display now. Comfortable to walk and being resistant to stumble with raised toes. By wearing them, you can have comfortable time without tightening your feet. These sandals have comfort like slippers.


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