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How to choose your size

The most common question we receive from Frontier Lifestyle Shop customers is about size.

We want to provide our Frontier Footwear customers with the right size products! Our boss was inspired by the idea of creating a full-size scale of insoles to help customers choose the right size.

How to print the actual size scale of the insoles


Click here button above to open the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Select "Actual Size" in the print settings.
Please refer to the following image. (The image shows the Windows operation screen.)


How to measure size


Once you have printed the correct size paper, place your foot on the paper.
If you are going to wear slippers with thick socks.
Measure the size with socks on.
*If you are going to wear them barefoot, check them with bare feet.


We recommend the size where the heel is aligned with the figure and the diagonal line about 2 cm from the toe is just visible.
The shaded area is a space called a discarded dimension, and without this discarded dimension, it would be very cramped when walking.
The actual size scale of this insole is only a guide.
Please choose according to your preference, such as if you want to wear them with more room or if you like them to fit snugly.


We also have our own size conversion chart.
Please refer to this chart as well.