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    Our Vision

    Adding color to your life from your feet.
    We want to be the company that gives people around the world chances to be happy through their footwear. 
    In order to make your daily life comfortable and rich, we add color to your life from your feet.
     We seriously think what “the fun of living” means and keep challenging.

    With the frontier spirit as the frontier.
    We cannot shine without our original style.
    We cannot shine by imitating others. 
    With pride, we believe in our passion and desire to keep seeking for the frontier style.

    We create new life and new days.
    We desire to pursue all the possibilities of footwear and evolve them to create a “new life and new days.
    We desire to create footwear that reminds us of the beauty of everyday life. 
    We plan, make, import and sell designed footwear with the concept of “Add color to your life from your feet”.


    - Sales & Customer Support -
    SPACES, Otemachi BLDG 1F,1-6-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 100-0004
    Phone : (81) 3-6841-3876 / Fax : (81) 3-6800-6654



    Company Name  :  FRONTIER Inc.
    Establishment  :  July 1, 2015
    Capital stock  :  16 million yen
    Company Representative  :  Shinji Honda
    Businesses  :  Planning, manufacturing, sales and import/export of footwear, fashion accessories and textile products 
    Products  :  sandals, shoes, slippers and others



    2015.07     FRONTIER Inc. established / Capital 1 million yen
    2015.12     Increased capital to 3 million yen
    2015.03     Launched original brand "room's"
    2015.02     Opened Tokyo office
    2017.12     Increased capital to 16 million yen
    2017.04     Launched original brand “bi×sole”
    2017.05     Opened Shinsaibashi showroom